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PRX-T33 non-invasive biorevitalization

The biorevitalization peel PRX-T33 is indicated for patients wishing to:

  • Strengthen the radiance and brightness of facial skin

  • Treat dilated pores

  • Plumping the skin like a mesotherapy

  • Mitigate recent depressed scars (acne, varicella or impetigo scars, superficial traumatic scars, post-surgical)

  • Revitalize the skin of the neckline

  • Improve the hydration of the skin

  • Reduce stretch marks

  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the hands


  • Suitable for all skin types, young and mature skin as well as face and body

  • Visible results after the first session

  • Antibacterial effect

  • All season peeling (PRX.T33 does not involve social exclusion or additional precautions related to the sun)

  • Painfree

  • No downtime



  • A biorevitalization peel is not indicated for patients whose skin is irritated, prone to seborrheic dermatitis or rash (herpes).

  • In case of irritated skin, a redness will appear quickly and an intense burn will be felt from the first minutes of the treatment, which will then have to be stopped immediately.

  • It is also not recommended for patients allergic to Kojic acid (risk of itching) and latex.

  • Skins with a thick horny layer can not be treated because of the risk of exfoliation too intense.

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The PRX-T33 biorevitalization peel is an innovative technique of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel that stimulates the regeneration of the skin without involving exfoliation of the epidermis. It helps to strengthen the radiance and brightness of the skin, correct skin imperfections of the skin and reduce stretch marks. The PRX-T33 peel represents the latest generation TCA peel. It is based on an innovative formula composed of 33% TCA, 5% Kojic acid and Hydrogen peroxide. The presence of hydrogen peroxide (commonly "hydrogen peroxide") modulates the action of TCA, which prevents desquamation. Despite a higher TCA than traditional peels (around 15-20%), the biorevitalization peel induces almost no side effects.

PRX-T33 therapy

In order to achieve the optimal result, we recommend 3 – 5 weekly sessions. The result lasts approximately 6 months - subject to your skin type. The PRX-T33 therapy can be repeated after 6 months. If you have any questions regarding PRX-T33 or wish to make an appointment, feel free to contact us.

Duration:  approx. 40 min.

Prices:      200 CHF (single session)

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