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Hair removal

Do you have hair that bothers you? Are you tired of stubble, ingrown hairs, itchy hair growing back, redness after shaving, even though you want smooth and fine skin? Or does body odor bother you despite intensive showering?


Waxing orpermanent hair removal Using lasers can help.

Body- & Intim-Waxing

We perform professional body and intimate waxing since over 20 years and have the optimal wax for your (possibly particularly sensitive) skin and hair - even on tricky parts of the body.


However, the hairs must be at least 2 mm long so that the wax may “grab” the hair and to get you a perfect result. So let your hair grow 2-3 weeks after your last shave. We also recommend that you avoid sunbathing (including solarium) for 48 hours before and after a visit.

It would be ideal if you did not use scented lotions, deodorants and soaps for 24 hours after the treatment. From the 4th day after waxing, we recommend regular peelings, i.e. 1-2 times a week, depending on your skin type, to keep your skin supple and soft and to avoid ingrowing hairs.


Hair removal with wax is always associated with bearable pain. The more often the procedure is repeated, the less pain:  The hairs grow back finer and more slowly after waxing, so you have about 4-7 weeks of rest before waxing.

Despite intensive showering and personal hygiene, my exhalation unsettled and bothered me. Thanks to body waxing, I have my exhalation under control again and the annoying ingrown hairs after shaving are a thing of the past.

Justin, W. (17)

Intime (inkl. gluteal fold)



30 -50

Gluteal fold

30 -50


30 - 40








40 - 60


110 - 120

Prices (CHF) per treatment zone 

Other areas of body possible; prices avaliable upon request.

Combo offers

Intim - cheast - belly - armpits - back - arms - legs

Intime - cheast - belly - armpits - back




Permanent hair removal

SHR works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents regrowth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

Virtually painless 
The treatment is practically painless and only creates a feeling of warmth.

Triple targeted treatment 
Simultaneous treatment of the most important structures of the hair root at three different depths for 
the most comprehensive hair removal.

All skin types, all hair types and thicknesses 
Effective on fair, dark or tanned skin as well as thick and fine hair.

Fast and safe 
The treatment can be carried out quickly, even on large areas such as the legs or back.

No downtime 
You can go back to your usual activities immediately.

Perfect for the whole body 
SHR enables treatments of sensitive or hard-to-reach areas such as ears, eyebrows, neck or bikini area.

I used to have my back wax for decades. However, I was looking for a permanent solution. The laser hair removal treatment did convince me: fast and completely painless.

Mike, H. (49)

Treatment areas and prices (CHF) - 

indication per session




Intime complete

from 225

from 380



from 250

Upper body





from 290

from 240

from 160

from 330



Lower legs

from 195

from 265


Arms (complete)


ab 295

ab 130

Other areas of body possible; prices avaliable upon request.

What has to be taken in to account?

No plucking: you shouldn't neither bleach, pluck, wax nor epilate your hair several weeks before you start your treatment. Please shave the relevant area(s) 24 hours before your appointment.

Avoid the sun: after the treatment you shouldn't neither expose the relevant area(s) directly to the sun nor go to the solarium for approx. 4 weeks to not irritate you skin. If you can't avoid direct insolation, we strongly recommend using sun protection (SPF 50).

We will discuss the contraindictions before you sign the declaration of consent. Permanent hair removal can't be performed in the following cases (only a extract)

  • epilepsy

  • immunosuppression (certain tumors, aids, etc.)

  • ongoing skin infection (herpes, shingles, chicken pox, etc.)

  • illnesses that strongly affect your health (e.g. high fever)

  • tattooed areas

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